About Us

Through its selection of high-quality materials and designs, Yara Luxury has carved out an incomparable spot on the world's stage of wallpapers. The collection is massive, enormous, inconceivable & thriving all at the same time.

Coming back to the roots, Yara Luxury was formed in 2015 in Kerala by two engineers with the goal of reinterpreting traditional wall décor by focusing on artistic and customizable wallcovering and decor.

Since then, we've been creating and selling a broad range of distinctive and creative goods that blend classical and contemporary styles. We take care of every design production and logistical operation in commercial and residential projects, making Yara Luxury a perfect professional contact for architects and interior designers.

We are a group of ingenious designers and engineers with years of industry expertise. We raise the bar and offer functional and robust quality goods via creativity, innovation, and efficiency.

Thanks to our manufacturing potential, we are able to fulfill all of our client's needs and provide a variety of high-quality goods in both soft, flexible, and hard media.

Our team is available to clients for the execution of brand new decorative projects, by delivering a product that can fulfill your desire for high quality and uniqueness. Yara Luxury can make a wide range of bespoke goods based on specific graphic files or images shared by customers.

Most people nowadays prefer wallpapers to wall paintings. It's not only easy to install but economical too.
Our distribution network spans over 100 towns and all metro cities in South India.


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