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Although it is difficult to pinpoint the precise year the first wallpaper was created, records show that it was originally utilized in China around 200 B.C. Birds, flowers, and landscapes painted on rice paper were the first Chinese wallpapers. This information was passed on by Chinese detainees to their Middle Eastern captors. As a result, people in the Middle East began to make paper out of linen, which resulted in a higher-quality paper.

Jean-Michel Papillon, a Frenchman, and engraver, created the first repeated designs that matched on both sides in 1675. It was not only repeated but also continued from sheet to sheet. Papillon is credited for inventing wallpaper as we know it now.

They are all made of eco-friendly materials with vinyl coating and paper backing, and they have all been tested for long-term durability on walls.

Installed with CMC powder-based special wallpaper paste, waterproof, nonfading, peelable & heat resistant.

Wallpaper was introduced from China to Europe in the 16th century. Wallpaper was sold in rectangular portions at the time (about 12 inches by 18 inches). In Europe in 1620, a technique for imitating cut velvet was introduced. Flocks were the name given to the papers created in this manner. Shaking silk or woodpile on a glued or varnished design accomplished this. In Europe, the demand for wallpaper grew quickly, and wallpaper manufacturing became a recognized profession.

Our imported wallpapers collections are made from various wallpaper design labs located across the globe (especially from Korea, and European Union countries)

Comes in rolls of 0.53m*9.5m or 0.53m*10m.

Best Quality Wall Stickers for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Hall
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Best Quality Wall Stickers for Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Hall